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Mobile Application Industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and the success of many organizations now depend on the time-to-market of their mobile applications and timely release of new updates. However, with the growth of the industry, many organizations find it difficult to keep pace with the security practices.

Paramount AppSecure can help these organizations take to market secure apps.

Securing the apps during their development phase can help organizations avoid reputational hazards as well as work ahead of deadlines. With automated report generation, testing mobile applications security has never been easier.

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Securing Mobile Applications with Paramount AppSecure

Did you know, 85% of mobile applications fail basic security testing? Learn how you can secure your mobile applications with Paramount AppSecure compliant with top industry security standards while improving your team productivity by 120%!


Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Complete Mobile Security

Complete Mobile Security


Sign In page for each customer

Manage all reports on one Dashboard

Insights & details of all vulnerabilities

Dynamic Testing

Manual Testing

Automated Report Generation


Complete Mobile Security

SAST: Static Application Security Testing

Fully Automated | Basic Configuration Issues Read More
Complete Mobile Security

DAST: Dynamic Application Security Testing

Cloud Hosted Device | Realtime Testing Read More
Complete Mobile Security

MAST: Manual Application Security Testing

Manual Assessment | Industry Renowned Ethical Hackers for You! Read More
Complete Mobile Security

API Testing

Ensure all mobile app components are safe from the server side.

Why Paramount AppSecure?

Regional Support Understand how the organizational defences stack up to real advanced sophisticated attack
Dashboard Identify the chinks in your organizational Cybersecurity armour which sophisticated adversary can exploit
High ROI Understand the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity Technologies and the return of investment


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